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KAMAZ at Interpolitex-2013

KAMAZ is taking part in the 17th International Homeland Security Exhibition Interpolitex-2013 held from 22 to 25 October 2013 in Moscow on the territory of the main exhibition ground of Russia the Russian Exhibition Centre in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. The exhibition is organized by Russias Ministry of the Interior, Federal Security Service, Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.

The center of OJSC KAMAZs exposition at Interpolitex-2013 is a vehicle from the new Typhoon military line KAMAZ-63968. It is a multi-purpose high-security armored vehicle on an original chassis. It is equal to a MRAP vehicle. Its armor conforms to the 3b protection level according to NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569, which means that the vehicle can withstand an 8-kg TNT blast at any point beneath the hull, as they are the first vehicles of this type in Russia, and there are no generally accepted state standards for protection from mine explosion. Bulletproof protection corresponds to the fourth level. The vehicles armor is a composite armor consisting of layers of ceramics and steel protecting against 14.5×114 mm armor-piercing shells, and also a bulletproof glass 128.5-129.0 mm thick with a transparency of 70%. The armor withstands 30-mm armor-piercing rounds. The vehicle has 16.00R20 bullet-proof tires with blast-resistant inserts, an automatic air pump and pressure regulated to 4.5 atmospheres. The armored module has loopholes through which small arms may be fired, and also a remotely controlled machine gun can be installed on it. The seats are equipped with holders for personal weapons, seat belts and head restraints. They are attached to the roof of the module in order to reduce injuries from bomb and landmine blasts. There is a FVUA-100A filtering and ventilation system and an air conditioner inside the module. There are emergency exit hatches in the roof for escape in case of a rollover. Occupants can get out of the vehicle using a ramp at the rear of the vehicle or through a side door.

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KAMAZ Group is the largest automobile corporation of the Russian Federation. Delivery of products to the Ministry of Defense is one of the companys long-term activities. In February 2006, OJSC KAMAZ received a license from the Federal Agency on Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation authorizing the company to develop, manufacture, repair and utilize weapons and military equipment. About 50,000 vehicles on KAMAZ chassis form the largest group in the vehicle fleet of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. More than 350 models of weapons and military equipment are mounted on KAMAZ chassis. KAMAZ vehicles are widely used in logistics departments and units.

Against an order of the Ministry of Defense, OJSC KAMAZ developed unified lines of army Mustang and Typhoon vehicles with appropriate performance characteristics and assembly properties. The companys specialists are constantly improving existing models of equipment and developing the next generation of military vehicles.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


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