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Hot line

Compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations is a top priority for KAMAZ. We aim to avoid causing damage to our shareholders, the company, our staff and our business partners. Misconduct must therefore be identified early. In order to ensure enforcement of applicable legislation and our internal regulations, and in order to investigate all reports on misconduct in a fair and appropriate manner, we set up hot line. Employees of KAMAZ Group and external parties can use it to report evidence of breaches of laws or internal regulations. This includes, for example, bribery, breaches of antimonopoly law, violations of accounting regulations. When processing the reports, we ensure complete confidentiality. Furthermore, our Compliance system places great importance on fairness – in dealing with both the whistleblowers and those affected by an accusation. KAMAZ employee facing retaliation or pressure from supervisors with regards to reporting on possible compliance violation can contact the Head of Internal Audit and Compliance directly for appropriate measures to be taken with respect to the supervisors.
The hot line is available 24 hours a day, anonymous at your discretion. If you have evidence of breaches of the law or regulations in connection with KAMAZ Group, you can contact us via the following contact details:
Tel.: +7 (8552) 37-18-37