Environmental Policy

KAMAZ PTC is the largest enterprise of the Russian Federation producing heavy trucks and spare parts for them. KAMAZ PTC is fully aware of the potential danger of the possible negative impact on the environment.

The environmental policy of KAMAZ PTC was developed and implemented in order to achieve a minimal negative impact on the environment due to environmental friendliness, reduction of the volume and toxicity of air emissions and industrial wastes.

Top managers of KAMAZ PTC are obliged to fulfill requirements of the Russian and international laws, rules and regulations in the sphere of environmental protection, improve the environmental management system and prevent pollution.

The environmental policy of KAMAZ PTC is based on the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 international standard.

The main items of the environmental policy of KAMAZ PTC are the following:

  1. Development, implementation and continuous improvement of the environmental management system.

  2. Management decisions based on the results of ecological monitoring and analysis of the impact of KAMAZ PTC on the environment.

  3. KAMAZ top managers’ personal responsibility for implementation of the company’s environmental policy, continuous improvement of environmental performance of the company and its products.

  4. Environmental support of production processes, introduction of new technologies, equipment, materials reducing the negative environmental impact.

  5. Regular training for the staff of KAMAZ PTC in the field of ecology.

  6. Guarantee of transparency of information about the company’s environmental activities, environmental policy.

  7. Environmental certification of vehicles, products of KAMAZ PTC as recognition of quality.