Environmental Program of KAMAZ PTC for 2009-2015

The environmental program of KAMAZ PTC is aimed to improve environmental safety and reduce negative impact on the environment while maintaining balance with socio-economic needs of the organization.

The basic principle of KAMAZ’s environmental program is to introduce resource-saving technologies, modernize production and increase eco-efficiency of production, which harmonizes well with the basic principles of the Earth Charter, or the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth.

Introducing its environmental program for 2009-2015 and implementing its environmental activities, KAMAZ plans to reduce the negative environmental impact:

  • reduce emissions of harmful substances (pollutants) into the atmospheric air by 49.5 thousand tons;

  • reduce discharges of harmful substances (pollutants) into the sewerage system and water bodies by 422.8 tons a year;

  • recycle and reduce 101.6 thousand tons of production and consumption wastes.

In addition, the environmental program of KAMAZ PTC stipulates reduction of the risk of accidents connected with negative impact on the environment and saving of the following natural resources:

  • electricity – 78 million kWh a year;

  • heat energy – 42.7 thousand Gcal a year;

  • water resources – 2.2 million m3 a year.

Estimated costs for the introduction and implementation of the environmental program of KAMAZ PTC are 16.5 billion rubles, including 9.0 billion rubles to improve eco-efficiency of production, 7.49 billion rubles to reconstruct existing and construct new environmental facilities, 32.78 million rubles to improve monitoring, preventive and organizational arrangements.

The economic effect of the implemented activities will be obtained from savings on the purchase of natural resources (electricity, water), reduced costs for recycling or disposal of wastes of production and consumption and, consequently, reduced payments for negative impact on the environment.