Procurement Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish relationships with suppliers of material resources on the basis of partnership and mutual advantages which rest on the following principles:

  1. Priority of competitive approaches by signing contracts
    When concluding contracts on deliveries of materials and components of the highest importance to the company, priority is given to competitive methods of selecting a partner (tenders, competitions, etc.).

  2. Openness and equality
    Any organization, whether it is domestic or foreign, may become the company’s supplier.

  3. Mutual guarantees
    The company guarantees:
    - payment of goods delivered according to a concluded contract;
    - an objective evaluation of suppliers and their production at all stages of the life cycle of the latter.

    Other things being equal, priority is given to suppliers located close to the company’s factories, including those situated on the areas of KIP Master Inc., opening their cost structure, and ready to make joint efforts on “lean manufacturing”.

    The supplier shall guarantee:
    - a quality management system certified for compliance with the requirements of MS ISO 9001 or GOST R ISO 9001;
    - conformity of products to contractual requirements;
    - continuous improvement of the company’s quality management system;
    - monitoring of products during their manufacture and operation;
    - development and implementation of ISO/TS 16949 or GOST R 51814.1 since 2008.

  4. Long-term and mutually advantageous relations
    The company aims to build a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers based on economizing principles.
    The company reserves the right to have alternative suppliers.

  5. Supplier development
    The company is committed to supplier development:
    - training the staff and introducing up-to-date management methods based on ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 international standards and specifications;
    - developing and implementing advanced manufacturing and inspection methods jointly with suppliers.

Procurement information on the official website of KAMAZ PTC is not a public offer. Proposals received from potential contractors shall entail no obligations for KAMAZ PTC to accept these proposals and other legal obligations.