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KAMAZ-master Team

The KAMAZ-master Team is flesh of our automobile plant’s flesh, the team is thoroughly imbued with its spirit, - said Sergey Kogogin - General Director of KAMAZ JSC. This should be cherished. KAMAZ JSC was standing, stands and will stand behind the team.


KAMAZ-master Team: The legend continues

History of the KAMAZ-master Team began in 1988. At the start of the rally Jelcz held in Poland three trucks-SUVs of almost unknown in Europe brand arrived from Russia. None of the habitues of the rally - sportsmen and fans, even in their ambitious predictions could not imagine that the team of beginners will claim the podium. In this time everyone miscalculated - debutants took the second place in the race. Thus began the ascent of the team from Naberezhnye Chelny to the top of world sports Olympus, which soon gained international fame under the name of «KAMAZ -master».

KAMAZ-master Team can rightly be called a unique phenomenon in the national sport. On native KAMAZ trucks racers from Naberezhnye Chelny won numerous awards in the uncompromising struggle against competitors acting on the machines of the world leaders in the automotive industry, Mercedes, MAN, Renault, DAF, Ginaf, HINO, Tatra, Iveco.

In 1990 the KAMAZ-master Team began the thorny path to conquer Dakar, and in 1996 won this prestigious race for the first time. Since then the team participated in the race 23 times and won it 12 times. This is a unique result!

The team has three World Cup victories and twelve victories in the super marathon Dakar.Today there are 9 Honored Master of Sports and 13 Master of Sports of International level in the team!

The KAMAZ-master Team besides sportsmen includes technical, engineering and managerial staff. Each department is responsible for a particular area of work; the professionals of the team are distinguished by a high level of self-discipline and efficiency. Understanding, team spirit and responsibility – that is what underlies the activities of sports KAMAZ mini- society. Such communication model was formed during the races, and moved from there to a «peaceful life».

KAMAZ sportsmen-veterans, repeated winners of many world-class races - the founder of the team and navigator Semen Yakubov, pilots Vladimir Chagin, Firdaus Kabirov, Ilgizar Mardeev, navigator Aydar Belyaev, mechanic and navigator Sergey Savostin – are among the elite of world motorsport.

The honorary member and the pilot of the KAMAZ-master Team is the President of the Republic of Tatarstan – Rustam Minnikhanov. At the wheel of a sport KAMAZ he repeatedly became the winner of prestigious international competitions.

One of the features of the KAMAZ-master Team is the fact that all of its sportsmen are technically competent professionals; each has the appropriate education and many years of practice. In race crews there are people which professional opportunities are not limited to just sport, in case of accident they can by their own hand solve the problem that often occurs at the rally-raids. To work with machines, to know and understand them - is a priority during the preparation of sportsmen for the rally-raid. Studying the history of the team, you understand how true this approach is: repeatedly outcome of the race depended on the technical competence of crew members when help was too far, and lost precious minutes and hours could make unattainable the podium.

Life of a professional sports team is impossible without constant renewal. KAMAZ-master is no exception. Young sportsmen: pilots – Andrey Karginov, Eduard Nikolaev, Ayrat Mardeev, Dmitry Sotnikov, Anton Shibalov; navigators - Andrey Mokeev, Vyacheslav Mizyukaev, Evgeny Yakovlev, Robert Amatych; mechanics - Igor Devyatkin, Vladimir Rybakov, Ayrat Israfilov, Andrey Aferin, Almaz Khisamiev etc. confidently assert themselves at prestigious international competitions. Purposeful work with young people is carried by veterans, well-known and respected riders.

This «small» team patriotism based on the «big» state patriotism. And for KAMAZ-master Team it is not a mere formality. To understand it – it is enough to talk to any member of the team from the mechanic to the pilot, and he will say that far in the desert, he works in order to see his country’s flag at the finish of the rally.


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