Environmental Policy

KAMAZ PTC is Russia’s top producer of heavy vehicles and spare parts for them. KAMAZ PTC is aware of danger from a possible negative impact on the environment.

The KAMAZ Environmental Policy is developed and implemented to minimize the negative impact on the environment by respecting nature and natural resources, reducing the volume and toxicity of atmospheric emissions and industrial waste.

The KAMAZ top managers undertake to comply with the Russian and International legislation, emission standards and ecological rules, constantly improve the eco-management system and prevent environmental pollution.

The KAMAZ Environmental Policy is based on MS ISO 14001: 2015.

The basic goals of the KAMAZ Environmental Policy are the following:

  1. To develop, implement and unceasingly improve the environmental management system.

  2. To make management decisions based on environmental monitoring and analysis of the environmental impact of KAMAZ activities.

  3. For the KAMAZ top managers to bear personal responsibility for the implementation of the Company’s Environmental Policy, constantly improve eco-friendliness of the enterprise and its products.

  4. To provide environmental support of technological production processes, introduce new technologies, equipment, materials into production, ensuring a minimal negative impact on the environment.

  5. To provide constant eco-trainings for the workers of KAMAZ PTC.

  6. To inform about the environmental protection activities of the enterprise, the environmental policy of KAMAZ PTC openly and transparently.

  7. To provide environmental certification of KAMAZ vehicles and other products as recognition of their high quality.