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Social policy

KAMAZ is a socially responsible partner operating for the sake of its stockholders' long-term interests and personnel's welfare, (from KAMAZ mission)
  • OJSC KAMAZ is a socially oriented market enterprise. For KAMAZ's whole development history high social responsibility before the staff has been one of the main priorities in the Company's activity.

  • The strong Social Policy is the most important factor of stabilization of social and labour relations in OJSC KAMAZ, career motivation, rise in the workers’ labour productivity and quality, maintenance and attraction of highly skilled specialists.

  • Social Policy is a significant component of KAMAZ's management system enabling OJSC KAMAZ to achieve its strategic goals.

  • Social Policy is one of the fundamental elements on the basis of which KAMAZ's rules of corporate conduct are formed.

  • OJSC KAMAZ’s Social Policy is implemented through the collective agreement of OJSC KAMAZ's group of companies and local normative acts based on social partnership with the Company's employees’ trade-union committee.

  • Social Policy extends to organizations set up with the participation of OJSC KAMAZ which controls these organizations because of its predominant share in their Authorized Capital Stock or on other grounds.

  • Implementation of Social Policy is considered as an integral system in OJSC KAMAZ, including such subsystems as rendering of social services, guarantee of benefits and social safeguards, social support of the personnel.

  • The Company develops the system of rendering of social and medical services. It grants benefits and compensations in social and housing spheres. It supports a good rest, develops culture and sport.

  • Granting the staff social benefits the Company realizes that mass media perform functions important for the workers’ social well-being which is a means of achievement of social equality and a way of merit award.

  • Implementing the “Care” program the Company lends social assistance to its employees who face severe problems.

  • Rendering of assistance to vulnerable groups of the personnel is built by the Company on the following principles: targeting, humaneness, and preventive orientation.

  • The managers of OJSC KAMAZ and its subsidiaries provide every worker with favorable social conditions at the place of production, social safeguards, benefits and services stipulated by the Company's collective agreement.

  • The Company permanently monitors the employees’ satisfaction with the measure of social welfare and level of social services. It uses the monitoring results when developing social programs.

  • Effectiveness of the personnel's social maintenance is determined by the workers’ satisfaction with their belonging to OJSC KAMAZ, by absence of collective manifestation of protest behavior.

  • The Management of OJSC KAMAZ takes the responsibility for implementation of the Social Policy.

November 7, 2005

Director General of OJSC KAMAZ
Sergey A. Kogoghin

Chairman of OJSC KAMAZ’s workers’ trade-union committee
Gumer H. Nuretdinov