Our Partners

Certification Association “Russian Register”

Partner's site www.rusregister.ru

Certification Association "Russian Register" (RR, Russian Register) is the independent management system certification body for organizations. The independence and objectivity of Russian Register, as well as the competence of the staff are confirmed with numerous national and international accreditations and positive experience of more than 15-year activities.

Russian Register is a member of the European Foundation for Quality Management. Its auditors are accredited and included in the International Register of Certificated Auditors (Great Britain). It obtained the recognition of the European Union and 35 countries for realization of certification supervision over execution of international conventions and agreements, signed contracts on mutual acknowledgement of the results of audit with the world leading certification bodies. It provides certification support of production of enterprises – from projecting to utilization. Certifications of RR are acknowledged to be and are enough when concluding contracts and inviting renders. It has got its own representative offices and inspectorates in 39 countries. A scientific and technical council operates as a part of RR.

Russian Register is a member of IQNet and has RvA international accreditation recognized by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Russian Register has got the official accreditation of Russian Register in four Russian certification systems which enabled KAMAZ PTC to simultaneously receive not only Conformance certificates of RR Certification System (which are internationally recognized), but also Conformance certificates of Systems GOST R.

In 2006 KAMAZ PTC and Certification Association “Russian Register” signed an agreement on strategic cooperation which provides for:
– cooperation in organization and implementation of management systems at enterprises and organizations supplying KAMAZ PTC, dealers and service centers of KAMAZ PTC, in accordance with the requirements of international and national standards;
– certification of quality and ecology management systems of suppliers, dealers and service centers for conformity with the requirements of international standards ISO of series 9000 and 14000.


Partner's site VNIIS JSC

VNIIS JSC (The Russian Research Institute for Certification, JSC) has been carrying out research, methodological and consultation activities in the sphere of standardization, certification, accreditation, quality management for over 40 years. VNIIS JSC develops methodological principles of confirmation of production and services conformity, develops and certifies quality management systems, accredits. It carries out research, methodological and consultation activities in the sphere of confirmation of conformity of quality management systems, standardization.

Under the agreement on strategic cooperation signed by KAMAZ PTC and VNIIS JSC, VNIIS JSC
– methodologically helps improve the QMS of KAMAZ PTC relying on the standards ISO 9000, ISO/TU 16949, criteria of the RF Government’s quality awards;
– organizes consultations for specialists of KAMAZ PTC in issues emerging when developing and implementing integrated management systems.

Povolzhsky Quality Center

Partner's site www.pcq.ru

Non-Commercial Partnership “Povolzhsky Quality Center” was established in 2003 on the initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan and Gosstandart of Russia. The task of “Povolzhsky Quality Center” is to coordinate the main activities to improve the quality of products and services in the Republic of Tatarstan.

KAMAZ PTC and Povolzhsky Quality Center signed an agreement on cooperation in order to improve the quality and competitiveness of production. Under this agreement the parties pursue the unified coordinated policy in the sphere of preparation, implementation, certification and ensuring of efficient functioning of quality management systems conforming with the requirements of ISO of series 9000, environment management systems conforming with the requirements of ISO standards of series 14 000, health and production safety management systems conforming with the requirements of OHSAS standards of series 18 000, quality systems in the automobile industry on the basis of ISO/TU 16949.


Partner's site www.buscons.com

BIZNES-KONSALT is a consultation company the main activities of which are:

  • professional consultation on general, production and operational management;

  • controlled deliveries;

  • engineering support for product/process development;

  • engineers’ assistance in quality problem solving;

  • audit of quality systems, production processes and products.

BIZNES-KONSALT Educational and Consultation Center has been a member of Reactivity group of AVTOVAZ since 2010. The company was approved as an authorized SERVICE PROVIDER to implement “Controlled Delivery of the 2nd Level”.

Under an agreement signed between KAMAZ PTC and BIZNES-KONSALT Educational and Consultation Center, the latter organizes QMS trainings for KAMAZ PTC’s employees and suppliers.