Occupational Health and Safety Policy of KAMAZ PTC

  1. KAMAZ PTC’s priority task is to protect health and life of its employees designing and producing trucks and chassis for trucks and buses, vehicle components, casts and stamps, tools and accessories, vehicle kits; selling trucks and spare parts; repairing and servicing trucks.

  2. The company is obliged to execute laws and other regulations on labor protection, industrial and fire safety, road safety of the Russian Federation.

  3. The main activities of KAMAZ PTC to ensure labour protection and industrial safety are the following:

    • to determine risks, evaluate occupational risks, choose management methods, reduce current risks;

    • to take measures to prevent occupational injuries, occupational and other diseases at KAMAZ PTC;

    • to continuously improve working conditions at workplaces;

    • to prevent occupational and other diseases;

    • to involve all employees of KAMAZ PTC in labor protection, industrial and fire safety, road safety, motivate them, improve their competence, organize trainings and provide them with information in this sphere;

    • to ensure safety at dangerous industrial units;

    • to adopt advanced labour safety methods and technologies.

  4. The top managers of KAMAZ PTC are obliged:

    • to continuously improve the occupational health and safety management system;

    • to provide necessary (human, material, information, financial) resources to create healthy and safe working conditions;

    • to ensure the priority of risk management methods.