Tenders of KAMAZ PTC's Purchasing Section

Tenders are organized in order to improve trading and purchasing activities in KAMAZ PTC and enhance efficiency of delivery of inventories and equipment by the Purchasing Section. The purpose of the tender for inventories and equipment purchasing is to achieve an optimum ratio of these parameters: price, quality, timely deliveries.

In the course of the tender for inventories and equipment purchasing the following tasks are performed:

  • to lower the achieved level of prices effective as of the date of the tendering process with observance of the price-quality principle;

  • to check the suppliers for reliability.

Conditions of Participation in Tenders

Conclusion of contracts or additional agreements with the suppliers fulfilling conditions offered by KAMAZ PTC:

  • availability of the certificate QMS ISO 16949 (it is obligatory to enclose it if it is available);

  • readiness to approve a model contract in KAMAZ PTC’s version.

Winners are determined by the tender commission.

Venue for meetings of the tender commission: Room 318, ABK-408 Administrative Building, Executive Directorate, Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia.


You can receive full clarification and information you are interested in by phone: +7 (8552) 37-13-88.

E-mail: tender@kamaz.org, Gulshat Fanilevna Zinnatullina, Secretary of Tender Commission.

Procurement information on the official website of KAMAZ PTC is not a public offer. Proposals received from potential contractors shall entail no obligations for KAMAZ PTC to accept these proposals and other legal obligations.