Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the company offer training opportunities?
    Yes, of course. Our company offers its employees development activities, training in new technologies and processes.
  • Does the company give social support to employees?
    Our social policy embraces the following areas:

    • Housing Program:

      – Financial assistance for young employees to improve their living conditions;
      – Recovery of expenses for living in residence halls;
      – Financing Tatarstan’s Social Mortgage program, etc.
    • Care Program (applies to all employees, including retired ones):

      – Sanatorium vouchers for non-working pensioners;
      – Financial assistance for medical treatment (including payment of surgeries);
      – Various types of paid leave.
    • Youth Program:

      – Financial aid for employees who got married for the first time,
      – for those discharged from the RF Armed Forces,
      – for young specialists and others.
    • Health improvement:

      – Daily food allowance;
      – Free hot meals in canteens for employees eligible for early retirement under List 1;
      – Voluntary medical insurance;
      – Rehabilitation treatment of employees;
      – 24-hour qualified medical assistance at health units, etc.
    • Women:

      – different types of leave for female workers;
      – material assistance to pregnant women, etc.
    • Parents and children:

      – Monthly monetary compensation for employees who are on childcare leave;
      – Financial support for the first child;
      – New-year gifts for employees’ children;
      – Recreation for employees' children (camps, sanatoriums).
    • Non-state pension provision:

      – an employee and the corporation jointly form his or her future pension through Non-State Pension Fund First Industrial Alliance.
    • Cultural activities:

      – cultural events for employees
      – sports and recreational activities for employees (football, volleyball, tourism).
  • Will you accept my resume even if there are no vacancies for me at the moment?
    Of course! Please do the following:

    1. Fill out the form on the website under “Send Resume”.
    2. Attach your resume.

    We'll put it in the company’s base. As soon as your resume is selected for a particular position, our recruiter will contact you to discuss the following steps.