Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary of KAMAZ PTC appointed based on the decision of the Board of Directors of KAMAZ PTC dated September 17-th 2015

Corporate Secretary of KAMAZ PTC

Year of birth: 1974
Education: Pomorie International Teacher Training University named after M.V. Lomonosov; All-Russia Correspondence Institute of Finance and Economics
Full time employment: Deputy General Director, Personnel Management, Organizational Development and Corporate Governance, KAMAZ PTC

Appointed Secretary of the Management Board by decision of February 10-th 2012
Appointed Secretary of the Board of Directors by the decision passed by the Board of Directors dated September 10-th 2013.
Appointed Corporate Secretary on September 17-th 2015.

By resolution passed by the Board of Directors dated November 5-th 2015 (Minutes No.7), the Terms of Reference on the Corporate Secretary of KAMAZ PTC were approved.
This document is available for perusal in the Internal Documents section.

Under the Terms of Reference on the Corporate Secretary of KAMAZ PTC, the following functions are referred to the remit of responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary:
- participating in improvement of the corporate governance system and practice of KAMAZ PTC;
- participating in organization of preparation and the holding of KAMAZ PTC Shareholders' General Meetings;
- supporting the operation of the Board of Directors and the Committees of the Board of Directors, KAMAZ PTC;
- participating in implementation of the policy on disclosure of information as well as ensuring storage of the corporate documents;
- ensuring interface of KAMAZ PTC with its shareholders and participating in prevention of corporate conflicts;
- ensuring implementation of the procedures which make sure that KAMAZ PTC shareholders' rights are exercised and their legitimate interests are protected as well as control over their implementation is exercised as established by the law of the Russian Federation and the internal documents;
- making sure that KAMAZ PTC interfaces with the regulation authorities, organizers of trade, registrar, other professional players of the securities market within the framework of the Corporate Secretary's powers;
- other functions.