Banking Particulars

Banking details of KAMAZ PTC bank account to remit funds to for production of copies of documents provided at the shareholders' written request and interested parties' written request pursuant to articles 89 and 91 of the Federal law "On Joint Stock Companies" as well as Terms of Reference on Disclosure of Information by Issuers of Issuance Securities approved by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation dated 30.12.2014 No. 454-П:

Tax Payer's ID No. 1650032058 Classifier of Industrial Enterprises 997850001
Bank account 40702810362030102464
Supplementary Office No. 8610/0219, Bank of Tatarstan Branch No. 8610, Sberbank of Russia Publicly Traded Company
Correspondent account 30101810600000000603
Bank ID Code 049205603

Charge for production of copies of the documents provided is RUR 3.50 per 1 sheet.