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Competition for the best name of the truck KAMAZ-54901

14 May 2019

KAMAZ PTC launches a creative competition to choose a name for the flagship of the company's newest model range, the unique KAMAZ-54901 truck.

The proposed name options should meet a number of requirements. It should be one word written in Latin. The name should be easy to write and read both in Latin and Cyrillic, and not have unwanted associations in Russian and English. Also in the priority – euphony and originality, is not allowed consonance with the name of the existing name (both in Russian and international markets). The name will be inspected for patent purity, as well as for the possibility of using the name on patent databases.

Options should be sent to the address Ideas are accepted until 24:00 (Moscow Time.) May 22, 2019. No more than three options are accepted fr om each participant. If the letter contains more variants of the name, the first three will be taken into consideration.

The Commission, which will include KAMAZ managers and specialists, will determine the winner by May 29. With the name of the newest trucks out on the roads of the country.

The name of the winner and the selected option will be announced on the official website of the company on May 31, 2019.

As a prize for the winner of the competition, a trip to KAMAZ will be organized, where he will be able to get acquainted with the multiple winners of international rally raids, legendary drivers of the KAMAZ-master team. He will have a unique opportunity to visit the Assembly shop of racing trucks and ride on one of them. And, of course, the author of the name for the new KAMAZ will be able to get acquainted with KAMAZ-54901 during a specially organized test drive for him.