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Film about KAMAZ for Finland

20 September 2019

The film about KAMAZ and Naberezhnye Chelny, made by the famous Finnish-Russian actor and producer Ville Haapasalo as part of the TV series about Tatarstan, was presented in the capital of Finland.

It took the crew two weeks to visit the most interesting places of Tatarstan. One of the days was dedicated to Naberezhnye Chelny and the leader of the Russian cargo engineering KAMAZ. Ville Haapasalo visited the company's automobile plant and visited the main assembly line. Deputy HR Director of the plant Viktor Polyakov and experienced worker Ramis Gizdatullin told about the organization moments of the work on the plant.

As the owner of the driver's license of category C, Haapasalo was allowed to test the novelty of KAMAZ-54901 in the factory territory. According to the actor, the new car is strikingly different from the KAMAZ, which he managed to drive many years ago: in the past, he managed to work as a driver of heavy vehicles.

A ten-part series about Tatarstan was filmed this summer. Speaking about the idea of the film and its filming, the famous actor and producer noted that the region was particularly interested in multiculturalism and peaceful coexistence side by side of different religions, nationalities and languages.

The series about Naberezhnye Chelny and KAMAZ can be viewed on the new Finnish media platform Kalastus TV, to which number three has been assigned.