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6 February 2020

KAMAZ leasing company summed up the results of its activities for 2019.

According to Andrey Gladkov, Director General of KAMAZ Leasing company, compared to 2018, the company's revenues increased by 52%, and its net profit increased by 1.8 times to 1.1 billion rubles according to Russian accounting standards (according to RAS).

There is also a noticeable positive trend in the volume of sales of KAMAZ vehicles, which grew by 50% compared to last year.

During 2019, KAMAZ Leasing company has been working to improve its leasing offers. Among the successful developments are two promotions: «Catch your luck! » and «Dump truck on special conditions». According to the terms of promotional offers, the client received a bonus – a fuel card as a gift or a leasing vacation for 1 month. When you purchase the dump truck was provided for the third benefit – a reduced rate on the lease.

Also last year, KAMAZ-LEASING expanded the functionality of its website. The client's personal account has been created, which greatly simplifies interaction with the company on a number of issues. In addition, the processes for managing accounts receivable and claims were automated.

Recall that in 2019, KAMAZ Leasing company entered the top three leasing market leaders in the segment of trucks in terms of «New business volume» and «Leasing portfolio volume» and immediately rose to three positions in the overall ranking of leasing companies in terms of «New business volume», moving from 16 to 13 place (according to the current rankings of the rating Agency «Expert RA» – for 9 months of 2019).