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16 June 2020

Since January 2020, the Russian Federation has begun a gradual transition to electronic workbooks. In accordance with Federal law No. 439-FL, employees will have to choose between a paper work record and an electronic one by December 31, 2020.

According to Irina Ankudovich, Head of the methodology and personnel administration group, in March, posters and brochures for employees were sent to KAMAZ divisions with information about changes in labor legislation related to the transition to electronic workbooks. We are currently working on notifying employees. By the end of the year, each employee of KAMAZ must write an application and specify the selected option for maintaining a work record in the future – paper or electronic.

An electronic work record is information about employment, transfers, and dismissal that is stored in the employer's database and the PFRF 's information system. The law allows you to continue maintaining the work record in the traditional form. If an employee has submitted a statement about their decision to leave the work record, they retain the right to change it in favor of digital technologies and switch to the electronic version at any time. If you choose an electronic workbook, the employee will be given a paper work book with a record of the choice of an electronic format. It should be kept, since it reflects the employee's length of service until 2020, and the electronic version will display data starting from 2020. From January 2021, a paper work record will not be issued for employees starting their employment.

An employee can independently obtain information about their work in electronic form through their personal account on the PFRF website or on the public services portal. Information can also be obtained in paper form by submitting an application to the employer, to the territorial authority of the PFRF or to a Multifunctional center. Upon dismissal, an employee who has chosen an electronic format will be given «Employment information» (form STD-R) – a document printed on paper and certified with a signature and seal. The employee will have to present it to their next employer. The STD-R form can also be obtained as an electronic document with an electronic digital signature.

During employment, information is provided to the employer either in printed form or in electronic form with a digital signature. In both cases, the employer will transfer the data to its personnel accounting system.