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KAMAZ implements MES system

3 July 2019

At the automobile plant of KAMAZ PTC, the installation of terminals for the operation of the MES system – a software product that allows to increase operational efficiency several times, eliminating paper document flow.

MES (Manufacturing execution system – process control system) will visually change the appearance of the main Assembly line – it will become even more modern, bright and transparent. The whole system of work at the final production of KAMAZ will become more transparent.

«Now every locksmith MSR before the assembly should be on paper – in the picking list to find the operations that he will perform, and after installing the parts or assembly in the control card of the assembly of the car to put a special stamp. It takes time, – said the Deputy Chief of Assembly shop of the car on the technical side Ruslan Kustovski. – After the introduction of MES everything will be easier. Paper media will replace the terminal. It will be enough for the worker to scan a label with a bar code on details, and then to confirm performance of operation on the touch screen. If the required part is installed, the system will respond "OK". Errors are unacceptable, the conveyor will stop – the system will not allow to transfer further defective products».

In the course of the movement of the production operating system MES will help to understand the worker and dozens of modifications of the car. On the line itself, sensors (REFID-marks) are already installed, which tell the system which car is now on the assembly line, and if necessary, will tell the worker which part of the available detail is need to be chosen and how it should be installed. In addition to the electronic technical process, which is now being developed in the development unit, it is planned to include photos and video files with instructions.

In addition to terminals and racks, which will be equipped with each of the 174 work places of installation of parts, a tool with feedback will appear on the conveyor. Wrenches will automatically adjust to the tightening torque, which is needed when fixing a particular node on a particular model, and send a signal about the operation.

Intelligent systems will also be equipped with filling stations and test stands. Also in automatic mode will be the transfer of orders for the necessary spare parts and components, their accounting and write-off. Over the course of the operation of the conveyor via mobile phones and tablet computers will follow masters, Department heads and supervisors OTC.

The main task of MES is to provide a breakthrough in the assembly of KAMAZ-54901 premium heavy cargo. To do this, electronic processes are adapted, and service providers must know exactly from what parts and components the product is assembled. It will also become a pilot, which will work out the whole scheme of interaction of participants in the process. Later its action will be extended to Assembly of cars of generation K4 and K3.

By the end of summer, the plant is scheduled to complete the preparatory work, in September is scheduled to launch MES in pilot operation. Following the main Assembly line №2, the system will be implemented in the assembly and assembly shop of cars, in the assembly area of the new generation cabins, on the main assembly line №1 and in the subassembly shop. Then it will be the turn of aggregate production.