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Metal rolling from Severstal for generation K5 KAMAZ

16 July 2019

In the production of KAMAZ cabs of generation K5 will be used galvanized metal of Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies.

Severstal PTC has been selected as a supplier of galvanized steel for the production of cabs of new generation trucks, which are produced at the joint venture Daimler KAMAZ Rus. The first tests were conducted in 2016. Experts have studied the properties of the material and gave a positive conclusion. Additional tests of functional properties were continued in 2018, in 2019 the final answer was received that the metal is fully consistent with the high quality standards of KAMAZ and Daimler AG. Galvanized metal will be produced at Cherepovets metallurgical plant using all modern methods of quality control.

"Our updated strategy is based on a deep understanding of our customers' needs and providing customized solutions for them. To this end, we develop new products to replace imported analogues, provide services. As a result of our joint efforts, consumers will receive a high-quality domestic car," said Alexander Shevelev, General Director of Severstal.

At the moment, under the KAMAZ projects, deliveries of rolled metal from high - strength steel grades for the production of spars (S500MC-S600MC) are being carried out, pilot tests of two-phase ferrite-martensitic hot-rolled etched steel of increased strength of the DP600 brand are continuing. The ratio of high strength to low flow, high deformation hardening and the level of collision energy absorption allow it to be effectively used for the manufacture of car parts by cold stamping.

Also in April 2019 at the industrial site KAMAZ began work consignment warehouse for storage of Cherepovets metal, which allows the leading Russian automotive company more flexible approach to changing the model range.