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On KAMAZ started the production of aluminum fuel tanks

28 June 2019

Today, June 28, at the press-stamping plant KAMAZ was held a solemn event on the occasion of the launch of a new line for the production of aluminum fuel tanks.

The event was attended by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Director General of state Corporation Rostec Sergey Chemezov, Director General of KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin, head of the project of localizing the production of aluminum fuel tanks Albert Wysinger and other guests.

Prior to the launch of this line, Russia did not produce aluminum fuel tanks that would meet the requirements of KAMAZ in terms of quality and volume, so the company had to purchase products abroad. In 2017, KAMAZ decided to organize its own production of aluminum fuel tanks. In 2018, the project was supported by the Industry Development Fund (IDF), which provided a loan to the leading Russian manufacturer of trucks under the program Components.

Within the framework of the project KAMAZ started production of aluminum fuel tanks with a volume of 200 to 800 liters. The capacity of the new production is 35 thousand tanks per year. The line is universal and allows to produce both aluminum and steel fuel tanks.

"This year we are launching a new generation of KAMAZ vehicles, and this project is especially important for the company. In addition to the economic aspect, it is important that our own line of aluminum fuel tanks will allow us to monitor the quality of tanks as an important component of KAMAZ vehicles in real time, as well as to improve their design in response to the growing demands of the consumer. And, of course, this is another step in the implementation of the company's import substitution strategy, which we are doing together with the Industrial Development Fund," said Sergey Kogogin, Director General of KAMAZ.

"The total budget of the project amounted to 544 million rubles, of which 230 million rubles is a loan from the Industrial Development Fund. Preferential financing made it possible for KAMAZ to localize the modern production of aluminum tanks in Russia, and now the company produces import-substituting high-quality products independently. I note that an important project for KAMAZ and the region was the 150th production launched with the involvement of the Fund's loan," said Roman Petrutsa, Director of the IDF.

Aluminum fuel tanks are used in commercial vehicles for trunk, intercity and urban transport. Among their advantages – weight reduction in relation to the steel fuel tank, corrosion resistance and fire safety. Thanks to the implementation of the project, KAMAZ will refuse to supply imported aluminum tanks from Austria. Use of tanks of own production will allow the company to save about 500 million rubles a year or from 10 to 18 thousand rubles per tank.