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8 June 2020

KAMAZ has started test production of engines for the K5 family of heavy vehicles.

According to the Tibet project, KAMAZ will produce a wide range of Euro-5 and Euro-6 standard R6 engines in the power range from 380 to 550 HP. The engine is based on heavy-duty vehicles, including KAMAZ-6595, KAMAZ-65951, and KAMAZ-65952 dump trucks. The KAMAZ R6 diesel engine is taken and adapted to their working conditions.

Externally, the new modification of the power unit is similar to its progenitor, differences in the «filling» and characteristics. This is a boosted to 550 HP engine with a new automated 12-speed transmission ZF Traxon. Also increased the torque from the base 2000 to 2540 Hm at a speed of 1300 rpm. The expected life before the overhaul is about one and a half million kilometers with oil change every 150,000 km.

For the KAMAZ-6595 dump truck, there is an additional installation of the PTOB drive (power take-off box) for power take-off directly from the engine, and not from the gearbox. Also, some vehicle configurations are supposed to install a reinforced installation of a strengthened power steering pump, the availability of which will depend on the purpose of the equipment.

The new engine was run-in and passed acceptance tests with positive results. It is planned to start mass production in early 2021.