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Sergey Kogogin met with the leadership of the Altai Republic

23 July 2019

On 23d of July the Director General of KAMAZ PTC Sergey Kogogin and the acting Head of the Altai Republic Oleg Khorokhordin in the framework of the working meeting discussed the possibility of establishing in the region the KAMAZ branch.

Oleg Khorokhordin said that agriculture is the main point of economic growth in the Republic of Altai. Today in the region there is a great need for various types of special equipment in the agro-industrial sector and in the housing sector. He stressed that the development of the region is impossible without re-equipment of enterprises with new specialized equipment.

"To meet the demand, there is a need to create a branch of a large company in the Republic of Altai. Analysis of needs shows that the most popular is the equipment produced by KAMAZ PTC, so the appearance in the Republic of Altai of this enterprise’s branch would allow our institutions to meet the need for the acquisition of new equipment on the most favorable financial terms and with minimal organizational costs", - said Oleg Khorokhordin.

Sergey Kogogin, in his turn, noted that to make the appropriate decision it is necessary to study all legal and economic aspects.