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The KAMAZ showpieces at the exhibition Comtrans 2019

3 September 2019

The leader of the Russian truck industry KAMAZ PTC is a permanent participant of the international exhibition of commercial vehicles Comtrans. The anniversary exhibition, prepared by the company in the year of its 50th anniversary, clearly traces the past, present and future of the Russian truck industry. In total, there are about 40 units of KAMAZ vehicles, including many new products.

The fact that the market of commercial vehicles in Russia is on the rise and abounds with interesting offers, you can see by visiting the KAMAZ stand - the leading Russian automaker, where the main modern trends of the automotive industry can be traced. Here you can see gas-powered trucks, electric equipment, comfortable new items for passenger transportation, high-speed racing truck, high-speed racing truck, special equipment and much more.

One of the main exhibits was the main tractor KAMAZ-54901 with a fundamentally new cab generation K5. It is a bright flagship for trunk transportation, combining an attractive exterior with the highest performance, safety and comfort. The cab of the truck with a flat floor and a width of 2500 mm meets all modern requirements, when it was created, the rate was placed on ergonomics, convenience and comfort of the driver.

Dynamics, familiarity with the machine in motion, the maximum conveys all the advantages of KAMAZ new items: the course of the truck is comparable to the management of a car. The car is equipped with a new automated gearbox, KAMAZ engine of a completely new type – inline R6, which corresponds to the best world analogues in its class. Fuel capacity increased to 1400 liters, service interval - up to 120 000 km.

Another completely new development in terms of design is the KAMAZ-6355 8x8 wheel arrangement, known as KAMAZ-Arctic. The all-terrain vehicle is designed to operate in the Far North and the Arctic at temperatures of minus 50-60 degrees. The machine is equipped with a power unit and cabin R6 K5, as well as automatic transmission. The key feature of the KAMAZ-Arctic all – terrain vehicle is the articulated frame: the machine turns not due to the wheels, but due to the "breaking" frame. Special, wide tires – another touch to the portrait of the all-terrain vehicle KAMAZ-Arctic. They help to solve the problem of patency in special climatic conditions and unstable soils: wetlands, tundra and snows.

The exhibition also presents the updated mainline tractor KAMAZ-5490 NEO 2. In the new version of the truck tested by time and consumers for regional and long-haul transportations it was succeeded to reach the raised level of comfort in a cabin. In addition, the truck has a new reinforced front axle, load control on the drive axle. Service intervals have been increased to 100,000 km.

Also deserves special attention of the three-axle curtain semi-trailer NEFAZ-93341-0300205-08. It is designed for transportation of various goods on public roads. The length of the semi-trailer is increased to 16.5 meters, which in conjunction with a two-axle tractor allows the maximum use of permissible restrictions on the length and much more.

Due to the increased length, the useful volume of the platform increased to 110 m3, and the number of transported pallets – up to 40 units, the load capacity is 31800 kg. Loading can be carried out from behind, side or top.

KAMAZ presents its advanced development in the field of electric transport, which has become a true decoration of the stand and a demonstration of the company's leading position in innovative technologies for the transport industry. For a long time running on the routes of Moscow, the novelty managed to win the trust and positive impressions of residents and guests of the capital of Russia. We are talking about the electric bus of the second generation of KAMAZ-6282-12, developed on the terms of Mosgortrans. This is one of the most high-tech products of the leading Russian engineering company and one of the best electric buses in the world. Together with the start of sales of this model, KAMAZ strengthened its position and image as a manufacturer of equipment for the passenger transportation market. Electric bus KAMAZ-6282-12 is adapted for operation at ambient temperatures from -40 to +40°C, equipped with lithium-titanate energy storage. It lacks the engine compartment shaft, which increased the number of seats to 33. Among the distinctive features of the KAMAZ innovative transport is ultra – fast charging with a semi-pantograph for 10-20 minutes.

The exhibition presents another novelty – semi-low-floor diesel city bus NEFAZ-4299-30-52 featuring modern design exterior and interior. This is an economical solution for routes with low passenger traffic (capacity 72 people). The bus fully complies with the program accessible environment, ecological class Euro-5, equipped with an automatic transmission. In favor of the model and high profitability: the next proposal of the company promises a moderate cost of maintenance and long service life. Warranty-24 months or 150 thousand kilometers.