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The first cabin of KAMAZ's new generation

20 November 2018

In the "KAMAZ" automobile plant the assembling of the first cabs for the K5 model range trucks has started.

On the start day of the assembly, the cabin prototype could be seen in two versions: in real form at the starting position of the conveyor of cabins perspective models, and in 3D-model format – on the monitor screen. In addition, dynamic visualization of operations was supported by printing assembly diagrams of particularly complex components. The difference between the new cab and the previous models is noticeable immediately: the frame is much higher - the assembly of the new cab can be carried out in full growth, and much deeper – behind the driver's seat will be located two beds.

On a specially made stand the novelty raised higher to secure the front and rear suspension brackets. Installed clearance lamps, ventilation hatch, tested the subassembly of nodes. These operations will be located around the perimeter of the site. For K5 logistics will match the special basket with the necessary parts and fixing material. With the help of a new software product, the frequency of their delivery is calculated, the optimization of logistics chains is carried out, the load of personnel is estimated.

In the near future, the plant will receive a set of new equipment, which will strengthen the control of operations and improve quality. The length of the conveyor will increase fr om 23 existing stations to 29.

Each mechanic in the workplace will install a monitor, which will affect the process. The battery tool will also be updated. And for seven especially responsible connections, electronic systems with a fixed tightening torque will be installed. Information about each operation after confirmation will be sent to the server to generate electronic passports for all cars coming off the conveyor.

It is planned to assemble 40 new cabins at the automobile plant until the end of the year. They will go to the conveyor, wh ere they will be waiting for the completed chassis for the new flagship – the KAMAZ K5 generation car.