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12 April 2018

The trial assembly of the first pilot batch of KAMAZ-54901 trucks is scheduled for September.

According to Fyodor Nazarov, Chief Technologist of KAMAZ PTC – Director of the Technological Center, the K5 new advanced vehicle is the main goal and task of the year. "We have almost finished designing and are on the way to preproduction. It means for us that it is necessary to develop and implement technologies," explained Nazarov. "There are two new projects as subgoals: preproduction automation and an electronic technological process, and all this is to be done before the production launch in order to produce and maintain our K5 vehicles with the use of these tools."

All plants will have been engaged in the project of preproduction automation already by the end of the year, which will immediately enable us to see the real demand for resources, synchronize preproduction in any area and so on. As for electronic technical processes, the plants should use these instruments already by the first quarter of next year when the serial production of K5 is to be launched. "We have only started to design a system. Our task is to completely digitize a technologist's work so that these processes could accompany production itself," noted Nazarov. "As far as the KAMAZ-54901 truck is concerned, the trial assembly of the first pilot batch of 20 units is scheduled for September. If necessary, changes are to be made both in design documents and a production process based on the findings."