9 November 2022

KAMAZ and Sitronics Group have concluded an agreement on joint projects for transportation electrification.

The document provides for a long-term cooperation in the production and promotion of a multi-purpose product for Russian agglomerations and regions, with a focus on a wider use of passenger electric transport, introduction and development of Russian solutions in the sphere of information technologies, microelectronics and components. The agreement was signed by Deputy General Director of KAMAZ PTC for Sales and Service Rustam Shamsutdinov and President of Sitronics Group Nikolay Pozhidayev. Sitronics Group (part of Sistema PJSFC) participates in the project under the ESG-agenda of the Corporation.

Under the project, it is planned to develop and create an overall solution for the production of high-tech products and intellectual solutions in the sphere of passenger public electric vehicles and components to them, their operation and service maintenance.

“Our company is on a new stage of development, which requires the use of innovative solutions and creation of high-tech products. Electric transport means are one of the company’s important lines of activity. KAMAZ tops the Russian market of electric buses, and we intend to develop this business and offer Russian regions the best solutions. Cooperation with Sitronics Group, the use of advanced developments will boost our performance and help take one more step towards import phase-out and application of the latest Russian technologies,” noted Deputy Director General of KAMAZ PTC for Sales and Service Rustam Shamsutdinov.

“We are experienced in the construction of large electric bus fleets and arrangement of charging infrastructure for personal and public transport, as well as in creation of digital control platforms, including charger control systems. These best practices will become ground for our cooperation work. No doubt, our cooperation with the producer of KAMAZ electric buses will promote the use of eco-friendly city transport in the country’s regions greatly,” stressed President of Sitronics Group Nikolat Pozhidayev.

The signed document has become another step following the cooperation between KAMAZ and charging infrastructure operator Sitronics Electro. In 2022, a KAMAZ-6282 electric bus and an ultra-fast charging station were successfully tested in Sochi, Volgograd, and Rostov-on-Don.