26 April 2022

KAMAZ vehicles are presented at the INNOPROM. Central Asia International Industrial Fair, which is taking place these days in Tashkent, at the congress and exhibition complex of NEC Uzexpocenter.

At the joint stand of KAMAZ PTC and UzAutoTrailer LLC, three new products were presented – a high-tech version of the KAMAZ-54901 long-haul tractor, a KAMAZ-65952 dump truck and a UNIC URV554 loader crane on the KAMAZ COMPASS 43082-H5 chassis.

The high-tech version of the KAMAZ-54901 is a version of the KAMAZ-54901 – the flagship freight tractor of the new generation, equipped with a number of systems and components for better safety, comfort and efficiency of the vehicle. The truck features a KAMAZ R6 engine of increased power (550 hp) and a 12-speed automated gearbox with an intarder, is capable of braking itself in front of a sudden obstacle. This function is possible thanks to the driver assistance system – ADAS (adaptive cruise control, lane crossing control, emergency braking in front of an obstacle). Today, many progressive transport companies give priority to a driver’s safety and comfort.

The high-tech version of the KAMAZ-54901 is a new generation truck tractor that sets the benchmark of efficiency, comfort and reliability in the field of long-haul transportation. The new KAMAZ R6 engine, automated gearbox and hypoid axle ensure confident driving with minimal fuel consumption. A modern cab with a flat floor provides more comfort for the driver’s work and rest, reduces fatigue and increases the safety of cargo delivery.

The KAMAZ-65952 (6x6) is another model of the latest generation of K5 vehicles. The dump truck is equipped with a 450-horsepower in-line turbocharged KAMAZ R6 diesel engine with intercooling. The cubic capacity is 11.946 liters. The ZF 12TX2825TO gearbox is automated. The fuel tank holds up to 400 liters of fuel.

The load capacity of the dump truck is 24,400 kg, the curb weight is 16,600 kg, and the body volume is 16 cubic meters. m. The cabin is low, all-metal, tunnel-type, with an aerodynamic visor. The basic version is without a berth, a sleeper version for work on remote routes is available.

The UNIC URV554 truck mounted loader crane on the KAMAZ-43082-H5 chassis is also a novelty of the company. The exhibit presented at the exhibition is based on the KAMAZ COMPASS-12 medium-tonnage vehicle. The model is designed for a wide range of operations, including loading and unloading, assembly, dismantling, and construction work. The drop-side COMPASS vehicle helps to save because there’s no need to hire a large number of people for loading and unloading operations, and to spend money on renting a crane.

The gross vehicle weight is 11,905 kg, the weight of the transported cargo is 4,000 kg. The maximum lifting capacity of the crane is 5,050 kg, the maximum reach of the crane is 11 m. The overall dimensions of the platform are 6100x2470x600 mm.

The INNOPROM. Central Asia International Industrial Fair is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Its goal is to expand industrial cooperation with the countries of Central Asia, create joint ventures, establish and strengthen business contacts. More than 200 exhibitors from Russia, Uzbekistan, France, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Germany – representatives of the largest companies, as well as medium and small businesses – demonstrate their products at the exhibition.