10 January 2022

In 2022, KAMAZ plans to produce 450 electric buses with account of Moscow’s needs.

Under the fourth contract, KAMAZ supplied 350 KAMAZ-6282 electric buses to Mosgortrans. According to Sergey Kogogin, General Director of KAMAZ, in 2022, the company plans to increase the delivery of electric buses up to 450 units. “The preliminary 2022 business plan stipulates for the production of 450 electric buses, with a focus on Moscow only. The tender hasn’t been announced yet, but, based on forecasts, there is already understanding of possible volumes. Besides, various regions’ interest is obvious” said Sergey Kogogin. Thus, KAMAZ electric buses enjoy high interest from Kazan, Belgorod, Sochi, Sakhalin, Saint Petersburg. Some of the previously mentioned cities have already managed to test the new type of transport means on their routes. “We gain very positive feedback from the citizens after the test operation of our electric buses,” informed Sergey Kogogin. “Tatarstan’s President and me talked with passengers in a tested bus in Kazan. It was a working day, there were mainly pensioners on the bus, and we heard only good things from them.”

At the same time, the top manager stressed that it was important to launch testing extra-large buses and electric buses, up to 18 meters long. “Moscow is waiting exactly for this electric bus, and we hope to deliver it for test running as early as February so that this bus could enter the following tenders,” Sergey Kogogin shared his plans. According to him, small electric buses are economically uninteresting to KAMAZ, and large, though not extra-large, buses – those which are already common for Moscow – are to spread further. But the price is affordable for Moscow, not for other cities, which is a problem to be solved for now.

Because of supply restrictions caused by the price of the electric bus, in 2022, KAMAZ will have to develop several projects to promote this production. According to Sergey Kogogin, the Arab world is interested in electric buses today, and the first step in 2022 will be a series of tests of electric buses abroad.