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17 May 2018

The full-cycle R6 engines washing, drying and painting line was launched at the engine plant of KAMAZ PTC.

According to Victor Kaur, Deputy Foreman for Equipment, about 30 pilot power units have already been painted. They are painted by hand in a special chamber which has three-level air purifiers. Its unique because paint fumes don't leave the chamber due to reverse pressure built by powerful top and bottom filtering. Waste – slime – goes by tubes into a purifying system – a deslimer. Workplaces are arranged in the painting chamber checkerwise, each painter sprays a certain part of a power unit. This helps to paint quickly, evenly and safely.

The new line will enable to use a special paint – with high viscosity and better adhesion. Its main advantage is that it spreads well and doesn't peel as time passes. After the painting chamber, the engine gets dry in a pre-drying cabinet at 40 °C and in a chamber of final high-temperature drying at 90 °C. Later, the already painted power unit goes to a completing site. The washing, drying, painting and completing line with a dual-duty overhead conveyor operates in a single mode with a match line to guarantee 160-second takt time to assemble one unit. After series production is launched, it's planned to paint 144 power units for eight shifts.