29 September 2021

KAMAZ PTC, Rusatom Overseas JSC (part of Rosatom State Corporation), the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation JSC and Sakhalin Region Development Corporation JSC have signed a memorandum of understanding in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk today. The MOU provides for cooperation in the development and application of hydrogen technologies in the transport sector on Sakhalin Island.

The parties will consider their possible joint participation in a hydrogen park project. They will also discuss the building of eco-friendly vehicles running on hydrogen fuel cells in Sakhalin Oblast.

Igor Nosov, General Director of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, Andrey Medvedev, General Director of Sakhalin Region Development Corporation, Irek Gumerov, Deputy General Director – Development Director of KAMAZ PTC, and Anton Moskvin, Vice President for Marketing and Business Development of Rusatom Overseas JSC, signed the memorandum.

The document execution took place at the Sakhalin Oil and Gas 2021 Far Eastern Energy Forum. This event is a large-scale international platform for the development of current and future projects in the Russian Far East. A strategic partner of the forum is Rusatom Overseas JSC, the hydrogen energy integrator of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation.

“Expanding its production, our company is always open to new opportunities. KAMAZ is developing its line focusing on global trends in the development of mechanical engineering. One of them is hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This is a new field. However, having sufficient experience and potential in the development of innovative vehicles, KAMAZ is ready to join forces with market leaders and major corporations. We are sure that our joint work will be efficient. We are pleased to support the manufacture of zero-emission vehicles for Russian regions, to share our best practices, assist partners in their business projects, gain new experience and expand opportunities," said Irek Gumerov, Development Director of KAMAZ PTC.

“Supported by the Sakhalin Oblast government, we are implementing a hydrogen park project. Sakhalin will be home to the large export production of new environmentally friendly fuel. The energy source will also be used in island energy and transport. Sakhalin Oblast will enjoy unique specialization and competence in the promising global market thanks to the hydrogen park and cooperation with the largest Russian companies and development institutions. The inhabitants of the islands will get highly-skilled jobs in the new branch of the regional economy,” said Andrey Medvedev, General Director of the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation.

“The world energy industry is rapidly developing. New, environmentally friendly and energy efficient types of fuel are in demand. The potential for using hydrogen as a fuel and energy storage is enormous. We see the Far East as a region where the most advanced, innovative projects in terms of technology are being implemented. The setup of a hydrogen park and the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles in Sakhalin Oblast confirms this. I would like to note that today there are several preferential regimes on the territory of Sakhalin Island: two priority development territories and the regime of the free port of Vladivostok. Having become a resident of one of them, the investor will be able to count on tax incentives and administrative preferences, including infrastructure support. These are measures of state support that allow launching enterprises important for the Far East and the whole country due to more attractive conditions for investors," said Igor Nosov, General Director of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation. He announced that a single development institute was ready to accompany the future projects of the Sakhalin hydrogen park with the use of all existing measures of state support.

“Rosatom, together with top Russian and international players in the hydrogen technology market, is actively involved in the development of transport projects using hydrogen fuel cells in the Far East and other regions of Russia. In particular, we see significant prospects for the application of hydrogen technologies in the passenger and freight transport segment. This can make an important contribution to achieving the goals of decarbonization of Sakhalin Oblast. Undoubtedly, the participation of such a major player as KAMAZ PTC in the project will give a new impetus to the development of the hydrogen economy on the island, where the first significant projects in this area can be implemented in the foreseeable future," said Anton Moskvin, Vice President for Marketing and Business Development of Rusatom Overseas JSC.