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8 May 2018

Following the results of April and four months of the year, KAMAZ continues executing a business plan for key products outrunning last year's results of vehicle production by seven percent on the average.

In April, the automobile plant, the finishing enterprise producing trucks, made 3,392 vehicle sets, which is by eight percent more than in April 2017 (3,146 units for the same period last year). In all, for four months of 2018 KAMAZ shipped 11,172 ready vehicles, chassis, assembly and repair kits (10,432 for the same period last year, +7%) to its direct customers, partners producing special vehicles, assembly enterprises and repair subdivisions.

The engine plant and CUMMINS KAMA JV in total produced and delivered their customers almost 3.7 thous. engines and power units in March and more than 8.5 thous. units for the whole quarter (about 3.4 thous. and 8.1 thous. for the same period last year, respectively).

In April, spare parts were shipped to the sum of 2.08 billion roubles, for 4 months – for 7.13 billion roubles (for the same period last year, 1.78 billion roubles and 7.86 billion roubles, respectively).

Diversification products were produced to the sum of 606 million roubles in April (528 million for the same period last year), for four months – 2.1 billion roubles, just the same sum for the first four months of the previous year.