14 September 2022

As part of the exhibition program of St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2022, KAMAZ presents the latest gas-powered vehicles in its exposition. The company’s wide production capabilities are demonstrated by the example of the KAMAZ-54901 LNG-powered truck tractor and the KAMAZ-6250 all-wheel drive bus.

The all-wheel drive KAMAZ-6250 bus is an innovative all-terrain vehicle. The novelty has an original design. KAMAZ-6250 can be equipped with various ICE options – diesel, LNG or CNG, and also with an additional set of options – a northern version and an additional cruising range (for CNG) up to 550 km.

As for the exterior of the model, this is a full-fledged middle-class bus with a frame-and-panel monobody, not just a truck with a traditional crew-type superstructure. The body has a bodywork basic structure (welded from steel pipes) and an external decoration made of composition materials, the front mask of the bus has common design features with KAMAZ trucks of the latest generation K5. The body of the bus is based on the KAMAZ-43502 (4x4) chassis.

The bus is equipped with a 290 hp engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. For travelling comfort, the bus has a front suspension with long-leaf springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and a stabilizer bar. The rear suspension is pneumatic – on four pneumatic elements.

The cab capacity is 32 passengers or 23 passengers + luggage compartments. The bus has modern comfortable seats for the driver and passengers. Convenient loading and debussing is ensured by an automatic pull-out sideboard. There is an air conditioner and an additional heater for comfortable conditions in the bus.

The bus complies with safety requirements – the bodywork primary structure ensures the passengers’ safety in case of a rollover, seats with three-point seat belts are installed (for all passengers). The body is universal and suitable for wider applications – as mobile laboratories, meeting offices, medical stations, engineering centers, control points.

Also at the company's stand, the visitors were shown a K5 generation truck tractor – the KAMAZ-54901 running on liquefied natural gas (LNG). In addition to the new in-line six-cylinder KAMAZ-950.10 engine with a capacity of 450 hp designed for a new generation of mainline tractors, compliant with Euro 6 emissions standards, among the main advantages of the KAMAZ-54901 LNG truck is an automated gearbox with a retarder, a wide comfortable cabin with a flat floor and one or two berths. The capacity of two cryogenic gas cylinders is 1,060 liters (in total), the driving range of the road train with a full refueling is about 1,400 km.

In Russia, goods move over long distances, and reducing the cost of long-distance transportation is the most important task. The use of gas motor fuel in this area provides maximum savings. Therefore, KAMAZ has mastered the production of a whole range of tractors operating on both compressed and liquefied natural gas. The LNG KAMAZ-54901 is one of the models developed for long-distance transportation which allows to achieve significant savings when operating over long distances.

In total, the company has already produced 1,600 long-haul tractors using liquefied natural gas as fuel. The design of these vehicles is based on modern innovative solutions. For example, LNG is stored on board in special tanks with high thermal insulation at a temperature of minus 160 degrees. The high energy intensity of such fuels allows the tractor, when fully loaded, to cover long distances without refueling.

In general, KAMAZ can produce 8,000 vehicles and 2,000 buses in gas-powered versions per year. High productivity is achieved due to the fact that gas engines, vehicles and buses are manufactured in a single process flow alongside with diesel vehicles, and only the installation of gas equipment is carried out in a separate building. NGVs and buses are already standard series products for the company. Both CNG and LNG vehicles are produced almost completely equivalent to a diesel line.

The production of all types of specialized vehicles, long-haul tractors and buses running on gas motor fuel is organized by the company to solve environmental problems in the Russian regions, as well as to increase the economic efficiency of the vehicle use. The company is actively cooperating with the regions to replace obsolete diesel buses in their fleets with this environmentally friendly and economical vehicle, also under the Safe High-Quality Roads national project.