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7 May 2018

On Friday, May 4, KAMAZ held a solemn event devoted to the 73rd anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The central moment of the festive event which took place at DK KAMAZ was a special performance organized by young employees of the auto giant. In memory of that time and Soviet soldiers' immortal heroism, one of sketches recreated events of June's morning in 1941 which divided the lives of millions of people into "before" and "after". The wartime events were presented in stories of certain KAMAZ families.

Yury Gerasimov, First Deputy Director General of KAMAZ PTC – Executive Director, and Aleksandr Vasilyev, Chairman of the company's Trade Union Committee, who congratulated veterans, KAMAZ workers and Chelny citizens on Victory Day, shared their family stories too. It should be noted that Yury Gerasimov's father and three brothers went through the Great Patriotic War. Fortunately, the four returned home, to their homeland, Tatarstan, alive.

"There are fewer and fewer veterans whom we entirely owe our peaceful happy life, successful work of Russian enterprises and the country's development! We were lucky enough not to know those terrible days. And our solemn duty is not to break the thread of times and generations..." noted the top manager of KAMAZ in his speech.

The solemn event at DK KAMAZ is just one of several festive events taking place at KAMAZ on these days. The KAMAZ museum hosts various exhibitions and arranges theme tours. By tradition, meetings with veterans and homefront workers were arranges at all KAMAZ plants: each subdivision prepared a concert program for the older generation. Besides, a children creativity competition among KAMAZ workers' children devoted to Victory Day took place.

In memory of feats of arms and heroic achievements in the years of the Great Patriotic War, and also in accordance with the Care program, KAMAZ veterans received a lump-sum benefit to the tune of 2 thousand roubles, grocery baskets and vouchers to the Naberezhnye Chelny sanatorium. This year, 138 veterans had a rest and improved their health at the sanatorium. The total sum of expenses the company spent on the events timed to Victory Day exceeded 5.5 million roubles.