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18 April 2018

The automobile plant of KAMAZ PTC has started implementing the large project to increase front axle production capacities to build vehicles of the advanced lineup.

Today's demand for the new-generation vehicles is growing, and production capacities meant for a daily output of only 60 vehicle sets can't satisfy buyers' requirements. The design of the front axle for KAMAZ-54901 is developed on the basis of the existing model of this unit for KAMAZ-5490. However, the new design includes a maintenance-free bearer. Foreign companies willingly use such analogues, because they require no adjustment, ensure stable steering and greatly prolong useful life.

The development of the new products for the K5 family will enable to synchronize the work of the aggregate production and the main assembly conveyor. Under the project headed by Firdaus Kabirov, Deputy Director for Development of Innovative Products, up-to-date equipment is to be purchased: one machine for the production of the front axle beam and four processing centers for the production of a number of brackets. The high-performance equipment will be able to load and unload automatically. The new equipment is planned to be mounted next to the front axle assembly line, which will improve logistics and fasten the delivery of produced parts.

The assembly quality will be raised thanks to electronic wrenches with a fixed torque. The new-generation tools will be controlled by an information system. Having been processed in a washing machine, the front axle parts will go to the conveyor. This washer is expected to take place near the assembly line too. This place will also be home to an electronic device for wheel alignment. The component production quality will be controlled with the help of a coordinate measurement machine to be mounted in the shop too.

In addition, it's planned to arrange the assembly of air suspensions on a floor-type conveyor which are still made at stationary posts. Special multipurpose stands where almost all models of this unit can be assembled will be made for the transport system. At the same time, experts develop a project of the conveyor which will be made at the repair and tool making plant. This site will be equipped with advanced electronic tools. Paint spray processing of the plant will be modernized to improve the quality of lacquer coating.