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22 May 2018

A new department – a training and technological complex (TTC) – was created in the unit of Deputy Director General of KAMAZ PTC – Executive Director.

The new complex was established under a reengineering subproject – Operational Staff. The 1,800 sq m training ground is equipped at the engine plant. It will simulate a conveyor, unit and aggregate assembly: it's planned to make the ground similar to the production site to the highest extent. The main purpose of the TTC is to conduct short-term courses of production and technical trainings. The focus is on the staff – both new and current employees. The project is unique for the global auto production.

The Multifunctional Centre of Applied Qualifications of Mechanical Engineering (MTsPK) which gives basic knowledge and skills in more than one hundred professions has been working for already a year and a half to satisfy KAMAZ's needs. However, it's necessary to have special knowledge and skills in certain production technologies to be completely ready to work at modern production. In some professions, it can be realized right at a workplace. "But in general trades which to a large extent determine the quality of KAMAZ vehicles – such as assembly, logistics, quality assurance – it's necessary to train everybody under a single production corporate standard, at a site simulating production as much as possible," commented on the establishment of the TTC Oleg Uklechyov, Deputy Manager of Reengineering Project – Manager of Operational Staff Project.

It's planned that the Training and Technological Complex will not only continue training new employees who started to undergo training in the MTsPK, but also retrain current employees at least once a year. Trainees will also be sent to training at the TTC before going to production premises. In its work, the TTC will interact with the Corporate University, the MTsPK, colleges and plants, with the Committee for Development of the Production System KAMAZ, the Technological Centre, and, of course, the Research and Development Centre of KAMAZ.