New KAMAZ extra large capacity bus undergoes tests

3 March 2021

In Moscow, the test operation of the new low-floor urban extra large capacity bus with a particularly large passenger capacity, the KAMAZ-6299, is being completed.

Specialists of the Scientific and Technical Center KAMAZ specifically for the order of the State Unitary Enterprise MOSGORTRANS developed the new model of a particularly large class bus. The test operation is carried out by the test drivers of the STC on the agreed urban routes without passengers, with a load simulating 50% of the load of the bus interior.

The main goal of the two-week test drive of the first KAMAZ accordion bus is to determine the average fuel consumption when driving on metropolitan routes and to debug the telematics equipment of the bus in accordance with the requirements of the metropolis. Serial production of this model is planned for the end of 2021; the bus will be assembled at the plant of NEFAZ PTC, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in Bashkortostan.

The extra large capacity low-floor 18-meter KAMAZ-6299 bus belongs to the new generation of buses – the A4 generation. It is designed according to the pushing scheme, when the power unit and the drive axle are located in the trailer section, which allows you to perform a low floor in both the first car and the trailer section. It is easier for passengers, especially the elderly, to climb the stairs to get into the cabin.

The KAMAZ-6299 bus is made in a single style solution with the 12-meter KAMAZ buses and electric buses delivered to Moscow, also belonging to the A4 generation.

The new product is equipped with diesel engine power - 340 HP, it also includes an extra tank capacity 150 l (total volume 400 ml).

Total passenger capacity – 162 people, seats – 44. 18-meter KAMAZ-6299 has a flat floor in the cabin, a wide storage area close to the second door, equipped with handrails with buttons to signal the driver to open the doors and USB-chargers for gadgets, validators. To increase the passage in the cabin, three one-and-a-half seats are installed, which distinguishes the novelty from the 12-meter models. The bus is equipped with a «kneeling» system and is able to «squat» to the stop platform, which makes it easier for passengers to board. For the comfort of the people in the cabin, there is a climate control system and double-glazing. The driver's workplace is equipped with a combination of instruments with a liquid crystal display, which shows all the necessary information, for example, about the current speed and the total distance traveled, about the average fuel consumption, etc. In addition, the bus is equipped with a set of video cameras, the image from which is also displayed on the touch screen installed on the instrument panel.

Recall that KAMAZ entered the transport market of the capital in 2018, today 1542 buses and 400 KAMAZ electric buses operate on the routes of Moscow.