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29 May 2018

Tuimazinskiy Zavod Avtobetonovozov, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in Bashkiria, mastered the production of towed short log trucks for the logging industry for a short period of time.

The TZA 8551-02-01 towed short log truck is designed for transportation of timber assortment and sawn wood from 2 to 6 metres long as part of a road train with a truck tractor (short log truck) and meant for operation on all roads. The payload of the truck tractor is more than 12 tonnes. The trailer is equipped with a leaf spring suspension, an ABS and reliable axles, and the welding frame is made of high-strength steel. Bolsters 2,200 mm high are equipped with a winch for fastening of load with a steel rope. Besides, the towed short logger is additionally equipped with side protection, spare wheel holder/basket, and also two wheel blocks, wings and splash shields on all axles.

According to experts of TZA PTC, this model's properties make it highly popular on the market of towed vehicles for the logging industry which sees an increase in demand for high-tech solutions for timber transportation. The model produced by KAMAZ's subsidiary is one of novelties which enable carriers to reduce transportation costs and enhance business efficiency.

Tuimazinskiy Zavod Avtobetonovozov plans to expand the lineup of trailers and master the production of short log semitrailers. Since the logging industry requires high transportation costs, a demand for highly efficient solutions for timber transportation will only grow.