6 October 2021

KAMAZ PTC supported the "Po puti" (“One Way”) on-demand transportation service launched in New Moscow.

“Po puti” is the best combination of a taxi and a bus. Now you can order a bus via a mobile application, and you will go with other passengers in one direction.

New Moscow began testing this service in September. It was launched in a pilot mode on October 1. So far, shuttle buses travel through settlements of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. These districts were not chosen by chance. Not so many people live on such a large territory, in contrast to Moscow. The residents cannot always get to the metro or home quickly using regular passenger vehicles on fixed routes. Therefore, the majority of them book a taxi. The quick shuttles are expected to make public transport accessible. At first, 30 new comfortable buses will run to Prokshino metro station and back.

The project is an experiment for now. Several partners were involved in its implementation. They supplied technical solutions for bus traffic control and provided organizational support of the service launch.

“Why did KAMAZ engage in the transport control project at all? Many analysts agree that digital technologies will upend the understanding of public transport in the future. Already today, app-taxis provide a simple and convenient digital service. Ridesharing is cheaper than using a personal car. Public transport is also expanding the use of digital technologies, such as the Moscow Transport application and the "Po puti" service, for passengers’ benefit,” said Eldar Shavaliev, Director of the Digital Transformation Center of KAMAZ PTC.

On-demand transportation systems are rapidly developing worldwide. They cover urban areas, carry citizens in suburban areas, transport workers to enterprises, and offer night rides for young people. Such a service works due to technologies that forecast demand and direct the bus to the desired waiting points, combine passenger requests into one trip, allow the application user to determine the necessary pick-up and drop-off point on the map, order and pay for the trip.

Tomorrow’s passenger transport is unmanned traffic with essential dispatching. That is why KAMAZ has already made a decision to gain competence in fleet management, including bus traffic management.