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18 May 2018

KAMAZ-LEASING concluded a contract with the logistics company VENTA-TRANS EURASIA under which the client will lease 20 gas-diesel KAMAZ-5490 truck tractors.

The contract concluded under the program Leasing for the Ambitious for medium businesses with the use of state subsidies under the state program Russian Truck Tractor. The vehicles are to be supplied by KAMAZ PTC's authorized dealer in Kazan – OOO Avtodor-Motors. White KAMAZ trucks will be delivered to the lessee at the end of May.

The KAMAZ-5490-S5 truck tractor which is a leasing item complies with the Euro 5 emission standard. These vehicles are equipped with dual fuel feed system, which enables to decrease carrier costs due to lower diesel fuel consumption not losing power and reduce environmental pollution. The replacement of diesel fuel with gas in the ratio of 60/40 saves in all up to 21% or 500 thousand rubles a year with 200,000 km travelled by the vehicle.

VENTA-TRANS EURASIA is a new partner of KAMAZ Leasing Company. The Russian carrier has been operating on the logistics market for over twenty years, has branches in Moscow, Samara, Lipetsk, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, and plans to open new offices in Yekaterinburg. VENTA-TRANS EURASIA intends to continue cooperation with KAMAZ-LEASING since leasing is the best way to renew a vehicle fleet enabling to properly plan financial flows and optimize the company's budget.