19 September 2021

Tuimazinskiy Zavod Avtobetonovozov (TZA) PTC, KAMAZ’s subsidiary in Bashkiria, has launched a new semi-trailer production line.

The production was arranged under TZA’s project for trailer manufacture. The production will be developed in several stages. At the first stage, TZA plans to produce curtain sider (13.6 meters long) and flatbed semi-trailers with a utility frame for various axle components (SAF, BPW, VALX). It is expected to produce up to 180 vehicles per month. A batch of sample semi-trailers has already been manufactured, and the technological equipment is now being prepared for serial production. Certification tests are to be finished at the end of September.

It is planned to produce other models of semi-trailers too. Soon, various versions of curtain-sided semi-trailers manufactured by TZA PTC with the use of components made by Europe’s top producers will become available for orders at KAMAZ official dealerships.

TZA has been developing its production of towed vehicles since 2016. In response to customers’ growing demand, the company has been adding new types of machinery to its model line every year. Flatbeds and curtain siders are widely used as part of truck tractors transporting various cargoes on a common road network.