Vehicle on KAMAZ Chassis Received the Status of "Innovative Product"

16 March 2017

The ASA-30 emergency vehicle on the KAMAZ-5387 chassis entered the list of high-tech innovative products. Moscow Agency of Innovations has granted it the status of "Innovative Product".

The concept of the ASA-30 emergency vehicle has no analogues on the Russian market. The machine is designed to operate on the front line in emergency situations - that is to render technical assistance and healthcare delivery in cases of accidents and emergencies, to extinguish fires right from the beginning, to maintain communication and power supply prior to the arrival of the main crews, assess the situation and keep in touch with the central headquarters.

The vehicle is equipped with a crane-manipulator, electric power plant and powerful lighting equipment. A KAMAZ-5387 four-wheel drive chassis and an electric winch provide an enhanced cross-country ability when working in hard-to-reach places, as well as in areas with destroyed or undeveloped infrastructure.

The ASA-30 emergency vehicle was developed and manufactured by the official dealer of KAMAZ - RIAT Plc in cooperation with PA Fire-Fighting Special Technics.