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18 May 2018

The foundry of KAMAZ PTC continues upgrading lighting systems at workplaces.

The problem with lighting at workplaces is one of tasks the top managers of the plant have to solve. They try to solve it at the enterprise by all available means. For example, in 2017 they initiated an investment project titled Modernization of Lighting of the Foundry with target financing in the sum of RUB 16 mn. The works were completed just a very short while ago.

This project is not the first measure taken by the foundry men to improve the situation. Lighting at production shops has always been under control. But fr om year to year the situation didn't change: mercury DRL-1000 lamps used there at that time quickly went out of order, gave little light, and on the average after half a year of service became ripe for replacement. The single opportunity to improve workplaces is to replace outmoded lamps with more modern ones.

According to Elena Dronova, Project Manager, they chose energy-saving LED lamps by Velan. The initial luminous efficiency of DRL-1000 lamps reached 46 lm/W, and in three months of operation the lamps already lost 30% of their power. The luminous efficiency of Velan lamps is 115 lm/W, the warranty period is 10 years. The difference is definitely notable.

It was planned to install lamps at workplaces wh ere the situation was critical. They are mainly molding shops at iron, steel and nonferrous casting productions, and also certain operational areas at the production of foundry pattern equipment. After this project had been realized, labour protection violations were eliminated. Besides, expenses for electric energy are decreased fourfold, load on electrical services is lowered, there are no delays, funds for the purchase of new lamps and utilization of outdated ones are saved. Old lamps will continue to be replaced with new ones at other productions of the plant too.