Truck Crane 658600-320-01 with INMAN IT 180 Loader Crane

Standard: Euro 4. Колёсная формула: 6х4
Truck Crane
658600-320-01 with INMAN IT 180 Loader Crane (with a lifting hook and a rope)   is designed to perform a wide range of handling, building and assembly operations and transport various cargoes.          The sided platform is based on a frame with wooden floor decks and metal sides.
The sideboards and tailgates are hinged to the base.
                The advantages of the vehicle:
     - minimized manual labour;
- one operator;
   - one unit of equipment;
- unloading in hard-to-reach locations and cargo handling at construction sites;  
  - loading to the body of a truck or a trailer.
   The INMAN IT 180 loader crane with a five-section telescopic boom makes the vehicle compact and maneuverable, ensures long outreaches and cargo handling at great heights.
  INMAN IT 180 features a six-sided boom. A hydraulic winch and a lifting hook with a rope ensure high-precision of cargo handling even over obstacles (walls, fences, barriers).
In its standard configuration, the loader crane is controlled from an arm-chair on the post.

   The safety system of the loader crane: PK-01-MIR-00 control unit.


65117-5001-23(А4) Transfer case according to design documentation (default option) / Wheels Tubed tyres / Wheels Tubeless tyres / Middle seat / Aerodynamic sun visor / Inter-wheel differential lock / Spare wheel holder / Side protection


  • Model
    Chassis KAMAZ-65117
    Maximum speed, km/h 80
  • Engine
    Maximum net horsepower, kW (h.p.) 219 (298)
    at crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 2500
    Model Сummins ISB6.7e4 300
    Type turbocharged diesel, with aftercooling
  • Loader crane
    Boom shape 6-sided
    Boom type L-boom (with a winch)
    boom controlled from operator’s seat on post
    by outrigger installation 2 remote controls on both sides of crane base
    Hydraulic reservoir volume, l 109
    Lifting capacity, kg
    Horizontal outreach 3650 / 1750 / 1100 / 750 / 540 / 400
    outreach 4,5 / 7,4 / 10,2 / 13 / 16 / 18,8
    Vertical outreach 7200
    boom elevation 75
    outreach 2,5
    Load moment, kN•m/t•m 176,4/18,0
    Maximum lifting height above ground level, m 20,350
    Maximum lowering depth, m 23,9
    Model of loader crane ИНМАН ИТ 180
    Number of boom sections 5 telescoping sections (total number: 6)
    Outrigger extension hydraulically-operated, rotating 180 deg. upward
    Size of support contour, m 5,66
    Slewing angle of post/boom, deg 390/75
  • Overall dimensions of vehicle, mm
    Height, mm 3675* (3690**)
    Length, mm 10350
    Width, mm 2550
  • Platform
    Area of platform, m2 16,42
    Internal dimension*, mm.
    length х width х height 6648 х 2470 х 730
    Overall dimensions of platform, mm
    length х width х height 6781 х 2550 х 984
  • Weight characteristics and loads
    Gross combination weight, kg no more than 38000
    Gross trailer weight, kg 14000
    Gross vehicle weight, kg no more than 24000
    Gross weight distribution, kg
    Front axle load, kg 6000
    Rear bogie load, kg 18000
    Vehicle curb weight, kg 13250
    Vehicle payload capacity, kg 10000
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