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КАМАZ 6540-А4

Standard: Euro 4. Колёсная формула: 8х4


  • Model
    Auxiliary equipment Power take off (PTO)
  • After-treatment system
    AdBlue tank capacity, L 35
    Type catalytic muffler
  • Brakes
    Brake lining width, mm 140
    Dimensions: drum Ø, mm 400
    Drive pneumatic
  • Cab
    Configuration day-cab
    Type high roof, over the engine
  • Characteristic of GVW vehicle
    Climbing angle, no less, % 25
    Maximum speed, no less, km/h 100
    Outer turning radius between walls, m. 11
  • Clutch
    Actuation hydraulic, with pneumatic booster
    Type diaphragm, single-disk
  • Dump body
    Cross-section rectangular
    Dump body capacity, cub.m 11
    Tilting angle (dgr.) 55
    Unloading backwards
  • Electrical equipment
    Batteries, V/A hour 2x12/190
    Generator, V/W 28/2000
    Voltage, V 24
  • Engine
    Cylinder arrangement and number straight-6
    Degree of compression 17,3
    Engine displacement, L 6,7
    Maximum net horsepower, kW (h.p.)
    at crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 219 (298)
    Maximum net torque, Nm (kgfm) 1097 (112)
    at crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 1400
    Model Cummins ISB6.7e4 300 (Euro-4)
    Type turbocharged diesel, with aftercooling
  • Final drive
    Ratio 5,94
  • Fuel system
    Fuel tank capacity, L 210
  • Transmission
    Control mechanical, remote control
  • Weight characteristics and loads
    Gross vehicle weight, kg 31000
    First and second axle load, kg 7075
    Front axle load, kg 12200
    Rear trailer bogie load, kg 18800
    Vehicle curb weight, kg 12425
    Rear trailer bogie load, kg 5350
    Vehicle payload capacity, kg 18500
  • Wheels and tyres
    Rim size 7,5-20 or 8,25-22,5(7,5-22,5)
    Tyre size 11.00 R20 or 11.00R22,5
    Tyre type pneumatic, tube or tubeless-type
    Wheel type disk wheels
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