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Registration and Trademark Information

Open Joint Stock Company KAMAZ was established on August 23, 1990 as a result of transformation of KamAZ Production Association of the USSR Ministry of Automobile and Agricultural Machinery into an open joint stock company in accordance with the Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers, No 616, of June 25, 1990. The company was registered:

  • by Decision No. 564 of the Executive Committee of the Naberezhnye Chelny Municipal Council of People's Deputies of the Tatar Soviet Socialist Republic, dated August 23, 1990, Registration Certificate No. 1
  • with the Ministry of Finance of the Tatarstan Republic as KAMAZ Joint Venture in the form of a joint stock company (KAMAZ Inc.) on August 7, 1991, under Registration No. 1.

The company's activities: development, production, assembly, and after-sales service of trucks and motor cars, diesel engines, parts, assemblies and aggregates of vehicles, production of tools, accessories, unstandardized equipment, complete overhaul of power units and vehicle assemblies, production of iron, steel, and nonferrous castings, forgings, and stampings, as well as domestic and foreign commerce, and other activities.

OJSC KAMAZ has over 100 subsidiaries and subordinate enterprises, has its shares in the authorized capital of more than 50 various companies and enterprises.