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26 April 2018

The press and stamping plant is finishing to master the production of components under the cab frame localization program for new-generation KAMAZ trucks.

The work was conducted jointly with designers, technologists and workers of the plant. Under the project, 240 stamps were developed and made for 80 fragments of cab frames.

According to Dmitry Postnikov, Deputy Chief Technologist of the Press and Stamping Plant for Preproduction, initially the shop of cab assembly-welding received simple, small-size details, many of them were cut with laser systems. Then they took on covers and stiffeners to make which they needed up to four stamps. This work is more painstaking – almost always trial batches required improvement. The last series of stamps – five pieces for the most difficult components – were made this year, the last three ones are being modified by the team of the stamping shop jointly with experts.

The geometry and size accuracy of each localized detail was determined at a measuring machine in a laboratory built specially for cab frames of the new lineup. Next to well-piled stamps in the cab assembly-welding shop is a dark cherry cab frame. Already localized fragments are marked bright yellow in it. The whole box is now almost fully "patched". There is no difference between genuine and localized components, so their development can be considered successful.