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Equipment Is Repaired at KAMAZ

8 February 2017

During the corporate holidays in January, the repair services of KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation) renovated the company's manufacturing equipment.

According to Mikhail Smolin, Head of the Engineering Center - Chief Mechanic of KAMAZ PTC, 770 units of equipment were repaired by 1,200 people for two weeks of the corporate holidays. The equipment with high workload was "renovated" in the first run. Experts fr om the department of equipment repair coordination and methodology of the engineering center easily solved problems which arose when they repaired the technological equipment supplying spare parts.

The greatest amount of work was carried out at the foundry wh ere more than 300 plants were renovated. It was very difficult to replace curved sections of monorails for distribution of liquid metal in the cast iron shop. At the same time, machines were remounted at the automobile plant, for two weeks 150 machines were moved onto a new territory and 2000 m3 of area were cleared. Similar works were carried out at the engine plant where 47 units of equipment were remounted within the reengineering project. In addition, a ball stud manufacturing line was installed and launched during a corporate holiday at the plant of spare parts and components. The workers of OOO KAMAZenergoremont and the Department of Machinery and Maintenance of Roads rendered assistance to the mechanics of the plants in carrying out repair.