25 May 2023

KAMAZ is presenting a wide range of dump trucks, cranes, trailers and other vehicles at the CTT EXPO exhibition taking place at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow on May 23-26.

The CTT is the largest specialized exhibition of construction equipment in Russia. The extensive business program includes round tables, a forum and other business events for representatives of companies from Russia and other countries. Every year the leader of the Russian truck production actively participates in this international event. This year, the specialists of the Sales and Service Unit and the Scientific and Technical Center have presented more than 20 models of vehicles to the guests of the exhibition: the company's exposition presents dump trucks of the K5 new generation, concrete mixers, towed vehicles, a shift bus on the KAMAZ-43502 chassis, a high-sided truck loader crane and other vehicles in demand in the construction industry.

The KAMAZ-6595 (6x4) is the first dump truck of the new K5 line. It is designed to work on large industrial infrastructure facilities, in mountain and sand quarries. The vehicle is equipped with a KAMAZ R6 910.52-460 diesel engine with a capacity of 460 hp and a manual transmission. The load capacity of the dump truck is 25 tonnes, the permissible weight of the vehicle is 41 tonnes. The KAMAZ-6595 dump truck uses a reinforced frame and drive axles designed for an axial load of 16 tonnes.

The cab is comfortable, all-metal on a four-point suspension, without a sleeping berth. The dump truck is a heated platform made of wear-resistant steel with a volume of up to 20 cubic meters. The designers provided protection for the truck by using a massive three-section bumper made of stamped steel in front and strongback in the rear. The metal mesh will protect the headlights and radiator of the vehicle from falling stones.

The KAMAZ-65952 (6x6) dump truck designed for transportation of various bulk cargoes is a representative of the heavy line of K5 generation trucks with a gross weight of 41 tonnes. The vehicle is equipped with a KAMAZ 910.15-450 (Euro 5) engine with a capacity of 450 hp, rear drive axles with an axial load of 16 tonnes. Depending on operating conditions, it is assumed to use various versions of dump trucks with a volume of 16 to 20 cubic meters.

The KAMAZ-65955 (6x6) three–axle truck tractor is another representative of the heavy family of the K5 generation. It is equipped with a comfortable cab on a four-point suspension with one berth, while its bottom is reinforced with metal protection, which enables to overcome unpaved and rocky roads without consequences. In general, such vehicles are often used for transportation of dangerous, as well as construction goods, in coupling with dump semi–trailers, tanks, etc. The truck has a high degree of cross-country ability due to all-wheel drive: 6x6 wheel arrangement, all three axles are driving. The vehicle is equipped with a turbocharged inline diesel engine KAMAZ 910.12-450 (Euro 5). The capacity of the fuel tank is 600 liters.

According to the specialists of the Research and Development Center of KAMAZ, special attention was paid to improving the reliability of vehicles, driver comfort, and reducing fuel consumption when designing these K5 vehicles. As a result, a fundamentally new vehicle in terms of its technical characteristics and consumer properties was designed. The company launched all three of the above-mentioned models on the market in 2021.

The NEFAZ-9509-16-30 dump semi-trailer was designed specifically for use with 4x2 long-haul truck tractors. This is one of the most popular models in the construction industry. It is equipped with a 30 cubic meter platform made of 09G2S steel. Designed for transportation of various bulk construction goods (crushed stone, sand, clay sand), with the exception of rocks and cobblestones. The total weight of the model is 39 tonnes.

During the modernization, the curb weight of the semi-trailer was reduced from 9,300 to 7,600 kg. This was achieved thanks to the lightweight design of the frame and the dump truck platform of the semi-trailer. In addition, the dump truck platform received the front and rear sides beveled at an optimal angle, which made it possible to improve the weight distribution along the axes. At the same time, the oval cross–section facilitates the unloading process – bulk construction loads do not linger on the walls of the platform.

The product portfolio of KAMAZ includes a wide range of special vehicles that helps to successfully fulfill the tasks facing the construction industry. Responding to the needs of the market and the challenges of the time, the company develops and introduces new truck models into production. In addition, partners make a great contribution to the saturation of the Russian market: on the basis of the KAMAZ chassis, partner companies produce a wide range of special equipment for the regions of Russia.

Currently, KAMAZ vehicles are manufactured on a sanctions-resistant component base: automotive components of domestic production and components from friendly countries are used, which is important for the further operation of trucks and the stable operation of consumer fleets. During 2022, the company's specialists worked on localization of imported components, a lot of work was done to find and start cooperating with alternative suppliers. Only for the KAMAZ-54901 truck, by the way, also presented at the CTT EXPO exhibition, the company's engineers had to re-master more than two thousand items. As a result, in February 2023, serial production of the KAMAZ-54901 truck – the flagship of the K5 line – was launched on a new sanctions-resistant component base with improved technical characteristics. The release of the new version of the K5 trucks presented at the exhibition no longer depends on supplies from unfriendly countries.