14 October 2021

The KAMAZ Client’s Day took place in Nizhny Novgorod. The Russian top manufacturer presented new models of its vehicles during the event.

KAMAZ Trade and Finance Company JSC presented a gas-diesel KAMAZ-54901 truck tractor, an LNG KAMAZ-5490 truck tractor, a KAMAZ-65207 flatbed truck and a NEFAZ-93348 curtainsider semi-trailer at the exhibition in the Ankudinovka technopark.

Among the company’s key activities are the production and development of the NGV line. The gas-diesel KAMAZ-54901 tractor presented at the event is an offspring of the K5-gen freight truck line. The dual-fuel truck is equipped with a new 450-horsepower KAMAZ R6 (Euro 5) engine and an automated ZF 12TX2210TD gearbox.

The vehicle features a 400 liter fuel tank and four gas cylinders of 100 liters each. The action radius in the gas-diesel mode is 550 km. The total driving distance is 1,500 km. The curb weight of the tractor is 9 tonnes. The GVW is 19.5 tonnes. The cab on a four-point spring suspension is high, 2,500 mm wide, with a flat floor, can be single or double sleeper.

The LNG KAMAZ-5490 truck is a state-of-the-art vehicle. Its feed system includes a cryogenic tank, which is a highly technical device storing gas at a temperature of minus 160 degrees.

Under the hood there is a powerful 12-liter Weichai WP12NG400 Euro 5 gas engine. The ZF16S2220 TD mechanical gearbox is 16-speed. The maximum GVW is 18.6 tonnes. The GVW of the towed trailer is 35.8 tonnes.

Another exhibit is a NEFAZ-93348-0340215-16 curtain semi-trailer with extended length. It is intended for transportation of various goods on roads with a permissible axial load of up to 100 kN (10 tf). The four-axle design with an extended front axle allows increasing the carrying capacity of the semi-trailer and excluding overloading fines. There are extra nine gas cylinders with a capacity of 123 liters each installed for the feed system of the CNG tractor. This gas volume can increase the distance-to-empty of the tractor by more than 550 km.

The frame of the semi-trailer is a lightweight steel structure consisting of two welded longitudinal I-section side members made of structural steel and cross beams installed and welded in the holes of the side members. The semi-trailer platform features a rigid aluminum front wall with shockproof protection, aluminum sideboards 600 mm high and aluminum rear-hinged doors.

A sliding roof, sliding curtain sides and rear-hinged doors allow rear, side and top loading. The frame made of imported steel provides high strength with low weight.

The KAMAZ Client’s Day is an annual traditional event held by the company in various cities of Russia in order to present new vehicles. During such meetings, buyers can get information about KAMAZ products, see new models of vehicles, get acquainted with new customer services. The event, which took place in Nizhny Novgorod, was organized on the initiative and with the assistance of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.